How to protect Bee in Rainy season

Bee Managements in Rainy seasons

 The bees will helpless in the rainy seasons. The bee’s collect nectar from flowers as their food. In the rainy season they are unable to go to outside their nest to collect food sources and water. That’s why in the rainy season the colony gets weeks in the lacking of food. The basic things to save bee’s in the rainy seasons you need to do some precautions to prevent them from loss. The some basic things you can do in the rainy season are as followings:

  • Cover them fully to protect from rain water.
  • You can use polythene to cover the box make sure your top cover is fully water proof if not water proof then water can pass through the top cover and bee’s were facing problem and loss of bee’s.
  • Feed them the sugar syrup of dry sugar inside the hive make sure no other insects or ants to entering in the hive for in search of food source.
  • Clean the bottom of the bee boxes not to catch the moisture inside the hive.
  • Put water source inside the hive if possible you can use feeder for the bees feeding.
  • Keep your apiary at the higher place not to entering water in flood conditions.
  • Make regular visit to notice the little changes or requirements in colonies.
  • Using of stand to protect them from growing grass and not to enter the other insects and creatures like snakes.
These are the basic things you can do while rainy seasons to protect them from damaging. If you want to learn new technique about bee keeping as business or as a hobby visit our channel on YOUTUBE you can ask questions for any help we trying to solve all your problems.

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