Relation of beekeeping with biodiversity

Nature is very powerful

Its creates anything in the world. The nature always growing in miraculous way. The bee’s are also a generation of the nature. If bee’s doe’s not exist in the world then biodiversity may effect. Many of trees and plants grows by helps of the bee’s. Bee’s are very important role in biodiversity.

There are so many different types of bee’s in the nature some were stings and some bee’s don’t stings. Some producing honey more some are less. One thing is more common in these species is Pollination. The bee’s serving the best possible efforts to visit maximum of flowers. Bee’s collecting nectar and pollen from many flowers a day it may approximately 2000 flowers a day. That will the more powerful tool to the nature to improve its biodiversity.

Here I mentions the main benefits of the biodiversity related to the beekeepers

1) Bee Keepers working hard

A bee keeper working hard to collect the honey and for the pollination. Its not an easy work they don’t worry its rainy day or its summer they work continuously without any break. Some times they migrate bee’s form one location to another location. Bee’s not living in the air conditioned office or rooms. Bee’s live in the forests and the place not managed by the bee keepers bee’s can do all the things but many things they don’t able to do. The bee keeper will help them to manage the bee’s and colonies.

2) The trees don’t migrate themselves 

Any tree can’t manage by himself to go for the meeting with female’s tree’s. In the blooming season the spores of the flower get spread out of their place only done this by the bee’s up to 90%. If the bee’s don’t help them to pollinate them they don’t grow much and they will be finished in only four year’s (by Albert Einstien)

3) Bee’s available in the all areas

In the nature whole world is full of bee’s but they don’t work as a bee keepers. Bee Keepers will help them to survive in the crops and in the forests. Bee’s alone unable to reach everywhere. Bee Keepers help them to find the better place for food and pollen. Bee’s don,t able to migrate far away but with help of bee keepers they will.

Shiv kUmar visiting hive

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