Role of temperature in apiculture

Apiculture is very much relationship with temperature. If we want to understand the bee’s behavior and their likes and dislikes we must have to need to understand the whole picture of their life. The temperature in outer world is always changing many times a day. But inside the hive there they need to be a temperature not flexible quickly. Sudden change in their colony can disturbed them. That’s why the trying to control the situations and they want to control atmosphere their own.

This is very difficult to know how they manage but here I want to give you a short information about what they were doing during flexibility in the temperature.

 1) Fanning in Summer / Hot days

Bee’s are very sensitive toward the temperature in summer in their hive there is very hot in these days. They were all used their wings to cool the hive as a fan. By doing this they will avoid to visit outside the hive for collecting food. You can even listen the sound of the fanning in the box during hot days. 

2) Gathering outside the entrance of the hive

When there is a very hot inside the hive and they don’t able to control the temperature they sitting outside together at the entry gate of the hive like a beard of a man. Some times its looks like they were trying swarm from the hive but this is a normal thing to them when the temperature comes normal they will enter in the box again. These types of situation comes when in colony there is much of humidity inside and they can’t manage it by their self.

3) Winter Season and during cold

In the winter season the bee’s also found some difficulties to go outside. In the areas where the snow fall take place they don’t go to the out side for collecting the nectar and pollen. They lived inside the hive and they keep the colony warm by working together. They stored the food inside as a honey for the difficult times. If you are a bee keeper you need to leave some of the hives with honey to consume them during the winter season and in the rainy season. Some times in the dearth periods. If you don’t have the hive with honey then you may need to feed them artificially with sugar syrup. You can give the water inside the hive. 

4) Collecting water in hot season

The water is also helpful for them to maintained the temperature. When in the hot season bee keepers required to place the apiary near the water and inside the trees to save their time not to go away to find the water source.

5) Selection of Place for the Apiary

If you are a bee keeper you must have to keep in mind that if there is hot outside and you are want to migrate the bee’s please search the place within the shadow of trees or any site with cool place and shelter for them not to facing direct sunlight.

If you notice that situation in the winter time please find the place with early sunrise and day light is available to them to warm the colony and to going for work in the early in the morning. You can manage by helping them to do some little things in support.

These are the things you manage and help them if you understand them they will give you more out of their world the sweet honey and many more.

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