Summer Management’s for bees

Hi friends

When we working with bees then one of the big problem is draught season. In the summer bees want many things to help them with your caretaking behavior. The hot summer season is very hard for the bees they want feeding water frequently. These are the main things you require to do in the summer

  1. Placed your bees under a tree or in a sheddow area.
  2. The water source is not away more then 500 mtrs
  3. Make sure your bee boxes well ventilated.
  4. Top cover can be slightly loose in the summer.
  5. Avoid direct heat of sunlight to saved hives melted.
  6. Don’t visit the colony boxes in the hot time.
  7. You can feed your bees inside the box by sugar syrup or water.
If you can apply these above suggestions then your bees can survive in the Summer.

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