Export of Artificial Pollen from India

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We are a producers of good quality of Artificial Pollen from India. We export the pollen for feeding bees in the world. This facility is for the support of the Bee Keepers in the world to help them to feed bees in the dearth period.

Bees are very needy during the dearth period to consume pollen to grow the generation. Bee’s collect the natural pollen from the flowers to feed the larva and baby bee’s in the colony. In the dearth period bee’s unable to find the pollen from the flower’s because of flowers don’t exist in the nature always. The result is slowing the growth of the bee’s. The queen stop egging because of the low food resource outside for the foragers. These conditions effects the bee’s and bee keepers. 

To solve this condition the artificial pollen is required for bee’s. Honey is the source of carbohydrates and the pollen is the good resource of protein. The artificial pollen is rich in protein and it also helps bees to grow the faster in the dearth period. 

We supply the pollen in all world and anywhere in India. If you required the pollen and any kind of bee keeping tools please contact with us. We have a great team to work and satisfy our customers according to their need.

Here are video to watch how bee’s are interested in the pollen we producing:

We always happy to help you to support your bee’s so don’t forget to call or Email us for any of your query about bee products. 


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