Pests Problems & Solutions in Bee’s

We represents you about the main basic reason and their treatment of pests problems & solutions in bee’s.

The reason

Honey bees like other creatures they are food source of other insects & pests they kill them or eat them as a food. Some are harmful they can destroy their combs they lived in.


  • Wax moth
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Wax Beetles
  • Birds
  • Tod & Frogs
  • Lizards
  • Monkey & Bears

Wax moth
You can see the wax moth in the image bellow:
This image will help you to identify the wax moth in your bee’s. Mostly wax moth reason is a weaker colony with less bee’s covered the hive.
To get rid over the wax moth we need to understand the life cycle of the wax moth given bellow in the next image.
You need to break the wax moth life cycle seen in the hive or in the bee colony. Eggs are the beginning and the above stages take place. Clean the floor and feed properly to avoid the wax moth.

The Ants

The solution

  • Providing ant pans around the bases of the stand or oil bands over the stands.

  • Destroy the under ground ants nests by pouring 0.1%  cypermethirin emulsion.


The solution of wasps

  • Reducing the width of the alighting board of the hive to prevent the sitting of the wasps near the entrance.
  • Destroy the wasps nest by burning them.
Wax Beetles

You can easily identify the wax moth in the same like given in the above image. Its usually the sign of the weaker colony.

Wax Beetles Reasons and the solutions

It is found in the hives under unhygienic conditions feeding on the debris and old combs in weak colonies. Periodical examination of empty combs and regular cleaning of the bottom board will control it.

The Birds

The small bee-eater, It is quite often seen near apiaries sitting on tall grasses telephone wires or other vantage points As soon as it sees a flying bee, it swoops at her and catches her in the long sharp beak eating birds.

Toads and Frogs

Toads and frogs are wide spread in India and are seen near hives or water bodies and cause damage to honey bees.

Toads and Frogs

The lizards often sit at the hive entrance and catch honey bees at ease.

Toads and Frogs

To avoid the monkey and bears you can fencing with wire of thrones. Steel wired net is also used to stop to the reach of the apiary.

Note: These are the things you need to take care of the apiary. Every area is unique and different and the challenges. We need to get rid over difficulty.

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