Ripe Honey is Best Honey

Honey, Honey, Honey

Everyone love to eat honey in the world. Honey is used in many ways like with milk, bread, water and also consumed directly as a sweet food. Honey is very tasty and natural if it come from real source.

Up to 50% Honey is duplicate and mixing of sugar content in whole world. If you buy honey from market it’s not sure it’s honey or its a Sugar syrup or honey. Even most popular brands also not good for quality purpose.

In the honey 20% moisture is acceptable in the market. Some bee keepers harvested honey without caping of honey combs. If they want pure honey it’s necessary to harvest ripe honey with minimum of 70% comb should bee sealed. In the sealed honey moisture content is less and can be preserved for long period.

So when you decide to buy honey be sure it is ripe honey. You must be buy from any bee keeper. We also sell pure raw honey.

comb honey

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