Winter Management of Bee’s

Winter season is very tough season for the bee’s to survive. In the winter season bee’s are unable to go outside to collect food due to low temperature. In this situation bee keepers need to take care or their bee colony to survive them.

Winter Management for Bee’s image-1

The main reason of bee’s not going outside is low temperature & not availability of sufficient flower’s to collect nectar & pollen outside their hive. Some technic to help them is available for bee keeper’s to help them. These technics are called as Winter Management Technic are given bellow

  • Close the top cover with air proof not to entering the snow & cold air in to the hive. If your cover is loose and space between gaps will be harmful for bees.
  • Feeding inside the bee box to give them support to have their food requirements. You can put sugar syrup, water & pollen to feed them.
  • Close all leakages in the bee box not to enter the winds and snow in the bee colony.
  • Ventilation is require if you close all the gaps please don’t forget to keep cross ventilation. fresh air must be required for good health of bees.
  • Place your bee colony to find early sun light in the morning to warm sooner to the bee’s.
For More information about Winter management please visit our video given bellow.

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